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Playbased Preschool

We are now accepting waitlist enrollment for the 2022-23 school year.

About Us

At Imagine That, we believe children learn best through play. That when children are allowed to think for themselves and develop on their own biological timeline, they show an eagerness for relevant, developmentally appropriate learning that scaffolds their capacity for achieving a higher level of learning. Research studies have consistently shown that PLAY HAS PURPOSE!

About Us


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Preschool Classes

At Imagine That! we form a path from home to school, our curriculum is enriched with outdoor exploration and focus on weekly and seasonal changes.

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Nature Kindergarten

Simple natural materials – wooden branches, seashells, nuts, leaves and handmade toys – along with traditional materials encourage joyful learning and creativity.

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Team of educators with over 50 years of combined experience. Knowledgeable, educated, nurturing early learning professionals.

kim eggenberger

Kim Eggenberger

kim eggenberger

Beka Johnston

Director/ Lead Teacher
kim eggenberger

Jennifer Rice

Lead Teacher
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We are Accepting Waitlist Enrollment Now

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