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Play Has Purpose

At Imagine That, we believe children learn best through play. That when children are allowed to think for themselves and develop on their own biological timeline, they show an eagerness for relevant, developmentally appropriate learning that scaffolds their capacity for achieving a higher level of learning. Research studies have consistently shown that PLAY HAS PURPOSE!

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Learning by Nature

We believe that children are inquisitive by nature and given the opportunities to take appropriate risks, create and test their imaginations wonders, interact with their peers and friends, and evolve themselves, that they will develop the cognitive, physical, and emotional senses to propel them through living a full and fulfilling life.

Partnering with Families

We believe that the parent/family is the child’s 1st teacher and we invite you in anytime! We believe that consistent, knowledgeable educators, who build and value their relationship with the child and partner with families, are immeasurable in nurturing the child through their most important years. We believe in providing a high quality early learning environment for children of all ages, their families, and our community to grow and learn together!

Early Language Skills

Play is the most effective way to promote language skills (using proper tone of voice, eye contact, facial cues, hand gestures, body language) and build vocabulary. This is just one of the many reasons our school helps foster kindergarten readiness.

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